TGR: an evening with Toast + Kinfolk



 *image from facebook event

A rather small event, but probably a good way to ease into this new space!

So I spent an evening with my flatmate at this wonderful thing, which I’ve been looking forward to since it popped up on my Facebook dashboard a week ago. Toast is a clothing and homeware (this extends to jams and shower products) store, that, though way, way over my budget, is home to some truly beautiful, Scandinavian-design-ish clothing and apparel, as well as intimately handcrafted wares. Kinfolk is, well, currently my favourite magazine of all time, and it has held that position since I discovered it midway through summer. I could go on and on about its remarkable photography and crisp, eloquent writing, but that’s another post for another day. Toast + Kinfolk was therefore a small, cosy affair to mark the preview of Kinfolk’s Winter edition; a gorgeous, pastel pink journal heavy with goodness that I’m completely excited to start on.

I can’t say the event quite lived up to expectations at first, but I honestly think that’s just because I’m spoilt rotten by the Alexander Wang x H&M collection launch from 2 weeks ago. Now that was mighty fancy. I mean I guess you wouldn’t expect much less from a collaboration between a fashion powerhouse and a major high street brand, but they had a DJ spinning live on a raised deck, waiters all suited up, and that big printed board thing where VIP’s stand to have their pictures taken. Most importantly, they had pretzels. The most divine, mouthwatering, free pretzels. Plus it was invite-only. In retrospect, though, I think I might actually have enjoyed today’s little party more; an honest reception, quiet chatter, and mulled wine served from a little ceramic pot that reminded me of a wood cabin in a forest. Nothing to snatch for your attention, but a quiet charm in tasteful design.

I’d prepared myself to leave empty-handed, just because I’m one heck of a cheapskate and I figured I could get the magazine secondhand for cheaper online. Of course, that plan failed terribly. While walking to the store my mind had already done a full 180 degree swing and decided that I had to have it today. How often does one get to attend an event like that for a magazine one so admires? One cannot simply leave empty-handed. One must go where one’s heart leads. This ‘one’ thing is such great fun.

I did not regret my lack of willpower because the magazine came carefully wrapped and with a complimentary Toast tote bag. And I do so love tote bags. I basically hoard them.

Apart from the party itself, the chance to venture a little farther into Notting Hill was nice. To get to the store on Westbourne Grove, we walked through a truly lovely neighbourhood that properly embodied all them Christmas vibes. I mean, you know a neighbourhood is classy when even the light stains on the white of houses look vintage, not ew-the-mice-must-be-eating-the-insides-out-too. Rach and I decided we definitely had to come back here in December (as if we’re really that far from December!) and fill ourselves to the brim with the sparkly vibes of Christmastime. Which is not to say I go with Christmas being only about the sparkle … again, another post for another time.

Me Thinks:  In all, it was a lovely evening. Cold, but otherwise thoroughly enjoyable. I would DEFINITELY recommend you invest a bit of money in Kinfolk, or search it out at the library – I promise it will be one of the better things you ever read. And if you have a couple hundred quid to spare, check out Toast! I’m sure you’ll find something nice for yourself. 🙂

Cheers (to firsts!) x




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