TGR: The Day You Wash Your Hair


Let’s first go to the opposite end of the spectrum – that dreadful Day BEFORE you wash your hair. All ma long-haired homies out there gonna know the pain. No matter how much you try to get around to doing things, or clean your face and feet or whatever, it is virtually impossible to distract yourself from the discomfort that reigns in your scalp from the build up of scum (its really not that dirty … I exaggerate. Really.). You feel like the amount of oil saturating your scalp can give a Middle Eastern country a good run for its money. Your hair looks sleek and shiny with grease, and not even in a fancy way, like in, well, Grease.


look. at that. sheen.

Now, if you’re rather aghast at the fact that I don’t wash my hair everyday, its probably because you’re in a hot and humid part of the world where every 5 steps, your body liberally secretes a new film of sweat. I absolutely understand. I’m from the Equator too. In London, however, its so cold and dry that to wash your hair everyday is quite frankly an assault on both the quality of your hair and your bills.

Bills. The most frightful word in the dictionary. *shivers*

Finally, we get to reach the day of liberation. O, wonderful day of clean hair and freed spirits! As you dunk your hair in shampoo, dig your fingers in and scrub, every cell in your body heaves a sigh of relief. This must be the epitome of comfort and pleasure, you think, smiling to yourself in the shower as shampoo runs down your forehead and into your eyes so you look like you’re tearing with joy. You feel like you totally get all those shampoo advertisements, with their exuberant models flinging luxuriant, bountiful heads of hair. When you try flinging your presumably equally luxuriant, bountiful tresses, you end up just very ungracefully flicking soapy water on everything that wants to remain dry, but nevermind that. When dry, your locks are blissfully independent of your skin, where one day before they stuck like wet clay to the vast expanse of your forehead.

Me Thinks: It is really a rather divine sensation to wash your hair. Hell might not be so fiery as it is an oily head.

(There is, however, one experience that sits in between the doldrums of The Day Before You Wash Your hair and the bliss of The Day You Wash Your Hair: The Day You Wash Your Hair And It Rains. Please refer to the next post.)

Cheers (to grease-free hair!) x


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