TGR: Gossip Girl / Penn Badgeley’s voice

By all conventions, I am a good girl. I don’t smoke, don’t party, drink only occasionally and moderately, and, man, am I a nerd. So currently, my record is pristine save for one vice; one that threatens to steal from me all semblance of a social life and productivity for the next few weeks till this addiction reluctantly fades away … at the end of 6 seasons.

Enter: Gossip Girl.


Manhattan’s elite meets London’s realistic student-class. (Image from google)

If you wish to point out that I am something like 7 years backward in my choice of entertainment, I would like to politely point out that I am well aware. When GG first came out, however, I was virtually a child (or more like a teenager still stuck navigating the maze of puberty when most people were already having celebratory drinks on the other side), naive and rather uninitiated. To illustrate my point, back then whenever there was a particularly steamy scene in a movie my mom made me close my eyes. I asked her once if she had to close her eyes too. ‘Of course!!’, she exclaimed. Many years later she giggled and said she lied. My life is a lie.

Anyway, it all began on the plane on tuesday, when, as per my flight rituals, I kicked the in-flight entertainment off with a drama series. There was nothing new on either Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory, New Girl or SATC (my go-tos) for me, so I saw GG and thought, hey, you know, it could be something. Short digression here to say that if you sang out the last part of that sentence in your head, congratulations! We are probably of the same generation.

Long story short, here I am, 3 days on, parking my sorry ass on a beanbag and watching back-to-back episodes of Gossip Girl and officially chewing my way through Season 1. It started off pretty brainless and ditzy, threatening to boast nothing more than pretty faces and paper-thin acting chops. Then again, if you know me, you’ll know I’m quite into brainless entertainment (Kardashians …. anyone?). What? There’s nothing quite wrong with wanting to graze on some trash till your eyes glaze over once in awhile; on the contrary, I think there’s an inverse relationship between intellect and the need to indulge in silly TV shows. Think about it: If your mind is churning away all day entertaining deep, existential questions etc, it’s definitely going to need to catch a breather, right? And if your thoughts are shallower than a puddle on a rainy day, you’re going to need external smarts to keep the gears churning, no? It makes perfect sense, of course. So if you’re one of those who watch documentaries all day … I know what’s really going on up there. *splashes in puddle*

I’m kidding. I just need a well-worded justification for my nearly physical need to keep up with the Kardashians.

Gossip Girl, however, is not shallow. Yes, some of the actors are stiffer than a block of wood (let’s not nate name names), but the plot thickens very enticingly and now I am well and fully involved. Also, it’s set in the beautiful NYC, city of my *sigh* dreams, so that really keeps me going too.

Now, for the specifics. Let’s talk about Penn Badgeley’s voice.


I would never miss a day of school my schoolmates looked like this. (Image from google)

Badgeley plays Dan Humphrey, and if you didn’t already know that then you probably don’t watch Gossip Girl in which case it’s not important for you to know that anyway. What you do need to know about, or hear, is his voice. It’s as smooth as butter and as sexy as dark chocolate. I like dark chocolate. Anyway, it’s seriously one of the better things about the show. Also, he seems to be the only character who spews the wittiest, funniest lines; it’s like they hired a different scriptwriter to do his lines altogether. Dan’s story is also heartwarming and relatable. I don’t know about you, but Badgeley isn’t much of a looker to me; somehow he still manages to pull off the most charm compared to Ed Westwick’s bad boy Chuck and Chace Crawford’s, er, block-of-wood Nate.

I can’t find any video clips of Badgeley without spoiling the story for myself, so, sorry folks. Believe me, I tried.

Me Thinks: Gossip Girl is actually good. It is not on the same level as KUWTK. The story and characters are inviting, even if some are things or people you love to hate. Also. Penn Badgeley’s voice. Someone say swoon? I’ve only just completed Season 1, so there may be major twists coming up that I don’t know about … I CAN’T WAIT.

Also, I couldn’t help but read this to myself in the Gossip Girl voice as I typed. Who am I becoming? *stares at own palms with look of horror on face*

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some gossip to get back to. 😉


Gossip … Gir … GIRAFFE!! Ha.


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