TGR: Homemade scones


The way all Sunday mornings should begin.

Being a student, I have 1) Not a great deal of funds and 2) Not a great deal of time to spend bustling about in the kitchen. Okay No. 2 may be a lie – I generally spend a great deal of time sitting on my beanbag by the window spying on the happenings on the street below (not much). The thing is, I like to cook but don’t like too much fuss or monetary expense – and these 2 conflicting ideals found a balanced compromise when I stumbled upon this cookbook inconspicuously tucked away amongst the hoards of the book sale beneath Waterloo bridge:


Thank you Ainsley Sensei. (Image from google)

As the title suggests, the book compiles a good range of recipes that only call for 5 ingredients or less. Covering everything from pot pies and roasts to salads and desserts, it’s truly a lifesaver for aspiring chefs who also happen to be quite the couch potato. I’ve tried a number of pasta and veggie dishes, and, of course, a dessert or two, and I can tell you that even with my extremely basic kitchen skills these things turn out good. You know how sometimes recipes are so complicated and demanding that it’s impossible to get the same end result you see in the pictures, or never quite get the taste right? Ainsley’s recipes are so beautifully simple that you can’t go wrong, and pretty much always deliver tasty, wholesome dishes with a variety of tastes to keep things interesting.

So 2 nights ago, I attempted the Tea-time griddled scones. I love scones, and with copious amounts of clotted cream and jam on top, I can eat them till the cows come home. So when I flipped through and realised that these babies could be made with just 5 ingredients, I decided I had to try.

The 5 ingredients are: Self raising flour, butter, golden caster sugar (Couldn’t find any so I used white caster sugar), 1 egg, and milk. And a pinch of salt. I highly doubt it would be very ethical to list the detailed recipe here since it’s not mine, but google ‘english scones recipe’ and I’m sure you’ll find something to suit you. Or just buy the cookbook. It’s seriously worth your money. Anyway, the long and short of it is that you mix those ingredients up into a soft dough, roll it out and cut with a pastry cutter (I didn’t have one so I improvised with a small cylindrical container), and bake. Or, in the case of Ainsley’s, you can fry them on a pan or griddle, but I is couch potato so me put in oven instead.


*beams down upon golden goodness*

All in all, the whole process from the time I began till I drew the tray out of the oven took me around 30 mins – that’s clocking such great timing for home baked scones. And you get to eat them as fresh as they get!

I got Sainsbury’s ‘Taste the difference’ clotted cream (£1.95) and some jam (whatever you fancy) to go with them and I’ve been having some of the best breakfasts and teatimes of my life.

Me Thinks: Gee, I don’t think I ever want to eat scones out again! These are easy and quick to make, not to mention delicious.

Cheers (to hearty homemade teatimes)! x

Just Five Ingredients

by Ainsley Harriot

Buy it here!


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