TGR: #ledinthewild

So I know 2 posts in a day is unusual, but I think this is pretty important for you to know about. This hashtag: #ledinthewild. Search it on instagram, and hopefully you will enjoy the haunting, enchanting, magical images as much as I do.

The hashtag isn’t mine, or a great deal of other peoples’: it belongs to a guy called Tim Roth, @thisrules on Instagram. He takes wonderful photos that are usually the highlights of my regular scrolls through my feed; clean lines, strong, solid colours and an aesthetic that makes the mundane appear fascinating.

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 4.04.11 PM

What a stunning feed.

Or maybe nothing is mundane at all, really, and it takes someone’s gifted eye to gently point that out to us. 🙂 Instagram can be annoyingly addictive – I see the irony – but I love how it’s my portal to discovering wonderful photographs and the inspirational creatives behind them.

Me Thinks: Do check Tim and his cool hashtag out! His photographs are enviably stylish, crisp and very absorbing. I’m definitely thinking of putting together a TGR on some of my favourite Instagrammers, look out for that.

Cheers (to photos that take your breath away)!


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