TGR: Masterchef

Last week, my flatmate and bestie Rachel went on a juice fast. For those who, like me, can’t tell our quinoa from our cous cous, and think kale is just greener lettuce, yes, that does mean you survive on juice for three days. I would like to point out that if I ever attempted it, I might, quite literally, juice fast my way to heaven. And by some obscure logic, Rachel decides that in an arduous and trying period of consuming nothing but liquids, it makes sense to begin watching Masterchef.


We want YOU! (To watch our rather addictive TV show). Image from google.

While she engaged in self-torture, I hopped on the bandwagon (squeezed in a corner beside the fresh cabbages and beets and what-have-you) and sparked what would become a mild addiction to the series. In case you’re wondering, I’m over Gossip Girl already. Season 2 really wasn’t the same. :/

Rachel plunged right in and went straight to Season 3; why, you ask? Turns out it’s because that’s the season with Masterchef’s one and only blind contestant, Christine Ha. And what an inspiration she is! As Josh, another contestant, remarks: ‘This woman cooks better without vision than the rest of us do with‘.


Living proof that there are no limits except the ones we impose on ourselves. 🙂 Image from google. 

Did she win … ? You’ll just have to watch to find out. Hehe.

So I have this feeling that most of you reading this have already had your Masterchef phase, or sort of know what its about. No matter. Pretend for a moment you’re as backdated as this writer and follow me as I do a quick overview of the show’s format. *tada*

So the first 3 episodes are the qualifying rounds, which is basically where a succession of homecooks (this show is literally the first time I’m hearing of this title) present dishes to the judges and are rather fleetingly dealt with. The competition gets serious when those who qualify graduate into THE Masterchef kitchen, an incredibly well-equipped and well-stocked open-concept kitchen that makes me drool with envy. It’s seriously a work of art. Anyway, each episode of the series then starts off with a mystery box challenge, where all contestants create a meal with the same ingredient given to them in, well, the mystery box. The winner of this challenge then gets a major advantage in the elimination challenge, ranging from getting dibs to certain equipment to getting to pick ingredients, and even immunity. At the end of that, someone gets eliminated from the bottom 3. All this is of course decided by the judges: Gordon Ramsey, Graham Elliot and Joe Bastianich. 

Now, let’s talk about Joe.

MJS chefchat_JoeBastianich.jpg

*Looks away nervously, sweats*. Image from google.


Man, that dude is harsh. I mean, he threw a contestant’s dish into the bin. Let me correct that: he HURLED a contestant’s dish into the bin. With considerable force, I might add. And he has this gaze. So intense. So hardcore. If I were a contestant subjected to the grilling stare he projects, I might well have my knees buckling and forehead sweating before he even utters a word of profound judgment. In spite of, or maybe because of all that, he really is a good judge though. I have quite alot of awe and respect for him.

A man who simultaneously generates fear and awe: HE MUST BE A DIVINE CREATURE *epiphany*

Look, I stumbled across a funny picture of Joe:


Image from google.

Doesn’t he look like he’s trying to pick up a spoon across the room with his eye power? I mean check out that vein.

Joe+Bastianich+dOOsHhcc0VOm copy


Me Thinks: A very inspiring and captivating show. Warning: It will make you want to make food. Warning warning: It WILL make you hungry. Word of caution, have food within an arm’s reach. You will not want to walk away and neither will you want to have your tummy rumble like The Perfect Storm. Also, brace yourself for the shivers in your bone when the camera catches Joe’s *gulp* incriminating stare.

Cheers (to food and moods and angry doods)!


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