TGR: The lack of Great Reviews

So for anyone out there who considers themselves an avid follower of this humble corner of the internet, I would like to apologise for how posts have been few and far between of late – I just got a new job, plus there’s the usual stuff with uni and of course the copious amounts of time spent on a host of unproductive but frankly quite enjoyable activities. BUT, stay tuned for later this week, when I’ll be bringing you reviews of Fifty Shades of Grey (the movie), which my girlfriends and I will be watching as part of our Valentines festivities, and TGR: The Long Distance Relationship, also in line with Valentines weekend. ~ Yes, if you haven’t noticed, I’m quite the Valentines person. Also, I’m not sure what to think about the fact that I’ll be paying real money to watch Fifty Shades in a cinema … my expectations aren’t exactly soaring, but we shall see about that, hmm?

Thank you for bearing with my creative juices running dry once in awhile. STAY WITH ME, FOLKS!

Cheers (to the occasional hiatus!) x


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