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So today I was hopping around the internet doing “research” (basically watching a bunch of video clips) and I chanced upon the writing of Jonathan Jones. He writes a blog for the art and design section of The Guardian, and I am really liking it. He has such a wonderful style of writing, simple, humorous and clear, and perhaps more importantly, he has great things to say about the current art scene. Here’s some of the quotes I teased out from the few articles I read:

The sad thing is that I cannot picture anyone having any fun in the production of these cold hearts. The joy of looking at art comes partly from the joy we sense in its making.

‘Happy Valentines Day, suckers: How Damien Hirst’s cashing in on Cupid’

Of course they looked identical – because we are not expressive artists when we take pictures. If Cézanne and Monet both stood and painted that iceberg, the results would be totally individual.

‘Why does our Instagram generation think its snaps are so special?’

Fakes are not fun. They are not cool. And the postmodernist cult of the replica is getting seriously old.

‘Celebrating fakes is moronic … it’s real art that matters’

I especially recommend the article on the Instagram generation (link above). It’s refreshing when someone comes right out and says that, no, not every photograph you take is a masterpiece. And personally, I don’t need to see what the entire country wore from day 1 till day 3 of Chinese New Year.

Me Thinks: Definitely worth a read! This man writes with conviction and clarity, and makes some superb points about modern culture. I wish I could write like he does. It’s a great way to get updated on the art scene without all the frankly quite unnecessary ‘fluff’ that you sometimes get in pretentious art magazines that print in very hipster but very unreadable fonts.

Cheers (to great art and writing alike!) x

Jonathan Jones for The Guardian

blog here!


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