TGR: Valentines!

Yesterday while sitting at Starbucks, with a pile of books slightly interrupting my view of Jess sat across from me, a small thought creeped into my head from the back door where all questionable thoughts enter from: Give yourself a break, it’s Valentines tomorrow!

For a moment I was about to shut my page without even so much as making a dog-ear, when I wondered – so what if it’s Valentines? It’s not even a real holiday! WHAT COULD THE BIG DEAL BE? IS THIS WORTH STOPPING ESSAY WORK FOR??

See the thing is, I love Valentines. I simply just do. It’s in February, for one, which is always a pretty nice month, in terms of weather, lack of pending examinations, etc. I also love flowers, and during this period you see flowers everywhere; though, admittedly, a minority are severely lacking in taste. Blue roses are a HELL NO. It’s also nice to have a day to celebrate love! Whether romantic, platonic, or familial (is there such a term? Familial love?), it’s nice to have a day set aside to make sure those you love know you love them.

I can already see most of you, especially the men, God bless your stone cold hearts, rolling your eyes. I’m all too well acquainted with the argument: Why do we need a special day to show someone we love them? We can do it any day and everyday! Well, sure, but until you show up everyday with a bouquet in hand or prepare a home-cooked meal regularly, just as a nice gesture, maybe try taking another approach to the holiday spirit. The truth is that, when you care about someone over the long term, it’s too easy to slide into comfortable monotony, and although this does nothing to discount the love between two people, one day a year of spontaneity, exceptional effort and general mushiness should always be quite welcome. Perhaps you think it’s unnecessarily extravagant, but I suppose it’s extravagant in the same way that Christmas, or New Year’s, or even a Birthday is always, to a certain extent, ‘unnecessary’ fanfare, but sometimes you just do it because it’s nice and kind of fun to indulge in.

Of course there are those who will say, Valentines is not for me, I’m single. O that dreaded word in the middle of February – single. Well, can I say that I think Valentines (as with life) is what you make of it, and there are many many more kinds of love than romance. Sometimes when I cuddle my dog I think about how much more I love her than I love some humans, although I also remind myself not to mention that to said humans. I loved Valentines even when I was single, mostly because in school it was cleverly directed into Friendship day, which I suppose aided in teenagers exchanging gifts and balloons instead of holding hands and getting handsy in the science labs. Throughout the years it was always a day where I felt happy, and excited, and generally caught up in high spirits. I never felt lonely or wanting of anything more than I had, which, back then, was just lots of wonderful friends. I also stuffed myself on chocolate and we all know chocolate has endorphins and endorphins make you EVEN happier. Wheeeeeee.

Me thinks: I hope that wherever you are and whoever you are with this Valentines, you feel loved, but more importantly that you feel capable of loving, because I think the latter is sometimes a far greater blessing. I hope everyone you love is there with you, whether in person or in spirit, whether there to offer a tight hug, or simply as a memory and a whisper on the wind. And I encourage you, most of all, to keep an open mind, see past the capitalist agendas, and adopt this as a day to show the important few that they are just that: important, essential to your happiness, and worthy of a little effort on the one day a year that’s set aside for that little bit extra.

Cool tip: If you haven’t tried the Love letter button on Facebook messenger, do! Also, Yahoo mail (yeah, not 100% sure why I’m still using Ymail) has a little button that lets you customize your emails into cheesy love letters. Too much fun.

Cheers (to singles, pairs, furries, and everything and everyone in between!)

Quick shoutout to my Valentines:

Thankful each day for everyone of you. x



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