TGR: Rainbow bagels

A couple of months ago, rainbow bagels burst into my life, opening my eyes to a kaleidoscopic world of colour that made my life up till then seem as dull and monochrome as a minimalist penguin. I first read about them on buzzfeed, and found out that, of course, they were born in NYC, a city where even the bagels from the droll street-side carts are better than decent. Scot Rosillo, at The Bagel Shop in New York, is the father of these magical foodstuffs. This being the hyper-connected world it is, it didn’t take long for the colours to waft across the Atlantic and find their way into the eager bakeries of (east) London. Famously, the Bagel Shop on Brick Lane has taken on the rainbow, but they put their usual savoury spreads in them, and pardon me if I can’t imagine salt beef in a rainbow bagel.

So anyway, today the BFF and I decided to head to Rinkoff’s Bakery in Whitechapel (famous for their ‘crodoughs’ – essentially cronuts) to try these little delights.


Taste the rainbow!

Charming, aren’t they?!

First things first, they really are little delights.They are a bit wee. But they more than make up for that with the colours, oh the colours! The aesthetic really lives up to they hype, as you can see. They sit pretty in a basket on the counter, beckoning to one as one enters. ‘Heather!‘, they squealed, ‘Buy me!!’.

I did as they pleaded and ordered one to eat in. The nice guy behind the counter asked, would I like anything in them? I hesitantly glanced through the list of fillings on their chalkboard menu – egg mayo, cream cheese, smoked salmon, etc. I thought I may have to resort to a savoury filling, but then nice guy swooped in to save the day with the suggestion: ‘how about oreo cream cheese?’ Uh, yes please. They also offer pink marshmallow filling, which is very pretty indeed. Rach had it half-and-half and I decided to ‘keep it simple’ (my ass!) and go for just oreo. At 80p for a plain and £2.50 for a filled one, they aren’t too taxing on the wallet, which is quite a relief.

Now, the taste. The all important tastebud evaluation. Well, they don’t taste like normal bagels to me. They veer more towards the bread side of things, which is a little odd, really. Bit dry, whereas I like my bagels really dense (in stark contrast to how I like my people). The oreo cream cheese is pretty swell but after a few bites it just tasted like cream cheese. Overall not bad, but certainly not as exciting as it looks.

BUT, they remained beautiful till the very end.


Yeah I had a crodough too. What? It’s been a long and hard week!

Me thinks: A really fun novelty treat, but not quite matching up in taste. Definitely try it once at least, and sprinkle some rainbow in your life, but I don’t think I’m going for these again – a plain ol’ bagel is more my cup of tea.

Cheers (to colourful sundays!) x

Rinkoffs Bakery

222-226 Jubilee St
E1 3BS

Whitechapel or Stepney Green station


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