You Should Know

This is not a blog that specifically reviews food, nor places, nor films, nor books. If you want reviews about those, I’m sure there are blogs out there that will offer you a far more professional and accurate opinion. You know they are better because they actually have ad banners (“NO!!”, you say. But yes. AD BANNERS.) I’m here to review life.

How vague! You exclaim. Why bother?

Well, I’ve had too many instances where I do something, visit somewhere or even felt things that I’ve thought were a shame not to share. As you may have gathered, this is a very personal blog filled with intensely personal opinions that neither beckon for approval nor agreement. Not that I’m keen on ripping souls apart with my words; I walk far more often on the optimistic side of the line, and this is a space where I hope to share the joys in my otherwise humdrum life.

I do hope you enjoy it! Take everything with a hefty spoonful of salt. If you agree with all my views on everything, maybe drop me a contact and we could perhaps be great friends.


Heather x


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