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GRTNGS! I’m Heather, the eccentric human being behind this also rather eccentric review blog. There are probably some things you should know about me before you know my opinions about … stuff.

I am currently doing a Fine Art degree in London, so I make things. I also do History of Art and regularly have substantial amounts of philosophy pumped into me that leave me questioning everything I know about life. If some posts sound kind of wonky, you’ll know I wrote it in the wake of a lecture.

I love food. I adore food. Did you think it was mere coincidence that my name is hEATher? I consider eating to be one of the most consummate joys in life, and when I’m hungry hungry, I am basically a logistical nightmare for buffets.

There’s more, of course, but you don’t have time for that because you are squinting at this while walking to get a coffee or something (POLE AHEAD!). Go forth and explore the rest of TGRE! You have my blessing now.

Cheerios, potatoes, stinky toes;

The Great Brain behind The Great Reviews



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